Smart skills for college.  Success skills for life.

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted into college. Now, give yourself a college advantage. Be college smart . . . 21 College Smart!

21 College Smart is a response to students who want to experience college success and to parents who support their success. Smart skills are informed by a 21st century understanding of: emerging adult years, student learning in higher education, and the positive influence of technology on learning, academic performance and effective behavior. 21 College Smart partners with students, parents, high schools and colleges to support college success.


Student Smart High school students have earned their way to college; most students have what it takes to achieve college success. For many college students, the promise of career and life success will be realized. Yet, as emerging adults, many college students are challenged by mixed social messages and conflicting emotions. The emerging adult years and college can be overwhelming. As a result, some college students may not realize their personal, social, and academic potential. Don’t let this happen to you. Learn student smart skills for college success.


Parent Smart Parents of 21st century college students can be confused and, sometimes, conflicted about how to parent their emerging-adult son or daughter. Parents can also be challenged by mixed social messages and conflicting emotions. Some parents continue to parent as usual. Other parents consider their parenting years over. Be introduced to a 21st century perspective on emerging adulthood. Understand why parenting is essential to the personal and college success of your emerging-adult son or daughter. Learn parent smart skills that support college success.


Connect Smart Technology is advancing at unparalleled acceleration and has provided 21st century life with seemingly infinite technological opportunities. Learn smart skills to leverage these opportunities to support college success. Connect social media skills to college life and learning. Be student smart. Be parent smart. Learn connect smart skills for college success.


Founder Jan M. Premich, PhD has over 30 years of professional experience with students of all ages and learning needs. She has extensive experience with college students - in the classroom and in student support services. Jan has worked locally as a school psychologist and educational administrator. She has taught undergraduate courses, including freshman and senior seminars, in the Department of Psychology at Nazareth College. Most recently, she has provided support services to college students in the Division of Student Affairs at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Jan holds advanced degrees in educational psychology, educational administration, and clinical psychology.

Services available to students, parents, teachers and staff: consultation, smart skills training, and presentations.